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Posted By Mohamed, Khalil
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Engineers Without Borders Sierra Leone (EWB-SL) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non political, non-denominational voluntary development humanitarian engineering organization established since late 2001 to partner with developing communities within and probably beyond Sierra Leone in order to improve their quality of life. This partnership involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training responsible engineers, engineering students and the grass root community youths, able-body adults, rural and urban volunteers. The past years have seen us moving towards people living with disability INCLUSION. EWB-SL is run by pool of Professionals and Student Volunteers who render their services at their free time FREE-OF-CHARGE in most projects and for some fee in critical projects IF BUDGETS ARE CREATED AND OR AVAILABLE.


Building the world together in all circumstances combating poverty, improving lives"

2 February 2011 by Mr.Mohammed, Khalil
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EWB-Princeton's Sierra Leone flagship project is located in Dorma Village, near Koidu in the Kono District, Sierra Leone. Working with contacts associated with a Wellbody Alliance clinic in the area which was started in 2006 by a Princeton alumnus in order to provide free healthcare to amputees and wounded from the country's recent civil war, the team is planning a year-round solar power well and sanitation project to improve the health and lives of Dorma residents. The team recently completed an official EWB Assessment Trip this past summer to establish community contacts, conduct baseline technical tests, and lay the foundation for implementation. Our focus in the next year will focus on working with Sierra Leonean contractors to create technical designs and designing technical and sanitation curriculums to be used alongside implementation.


The main planned and ongoing activities follow:

  • Water & Sanitation assessment data bank with GPS coordinates
  • Water supply & Sanitation programs
  • WASH infrastructure provision programs
  • Renewable energy methodologies
  • Shelter & housing projects
  • Child Protection
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Disaster response program plans
  • Partnership plans
  • Students and volunteer placement programs
  • Appropriate and sustainable engineering solutions addressing community needs


EWB-SL is governed by the Board of Advisors and it is the highest decision making body of the organization. A six-member control team headed by the Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer runs the day today activities.

Engr. Mohamed Selman Khalil Founder & Director of Programs

To meet or tally with the advancement of the world’s growing technology; EWB-SL Head of Engineering is a highly experienced Sierra Leonean Engineer who resides in the United States of America.

Mildred Miame Neufville Khalil Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer