Engineers Without Borders Sierra Leone

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Engineers Without Borders Sierra Leone (EWB-SL) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non political, non-denominational voluntary development humanitarian engineering organization established since late 2005 to partner with developing communities within and probably beyond Sierra Leone in order to improve their quality of life.

This partnership involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training responsible engineers, engineering students and the grass root community youths, able-body adults, rural and urban volunteers MOHAMED KAHLIL As a whole, EWB-SL was formulated to step in and arrest, cater, improve and contribute to the infrastructure damages, water and sanitation problems and low technical know-how all around the world including Africa but more focuses in areas affected by wars, floods, famine, natural and man-made disasters

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The activities in Sierra Leone range from the construction of sustainable systems that developing communities can own and operate without external assistance, to empowering such communities by enhancing local, technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills. These projects are initiated by, and completed with, contributions from host community working in our project teams. The partnership will also involve local community based and international organizations. Whilst EWB SL overall mission is improving quality of life of the poorest of the poor through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable and economical engineering projects, EWB Sierra Leone also intends to contribute to meeting the UN Millennium Develop Goals (MDGs) through capacity building in community projects and promoting child rights and gender equity. Capacity building is defined in that context as….the building (or strengthening) of human, institutional and infrastructural capacity to help societies develop secure, stable and sustainable economies, governments and other institutions through mentoring, training, education, physical projects, the infusion of financial and other resources, and most importantly, the motivation and inspiration of people to improve their lives.

EWB-SL has more than 40(forty) network partners around the world who collaborates using the same or similar mission, vision, goal and objectives.

EWB SL hopes, in the near future, to undertake PARTNERSHIP with other international or local organizations and CONSULTANCY services to finance its overhead costs.

Our Mission

To partner with developing communities to improve their quality of life, through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable, and economical engineering projects. In the process of working to advance developing communities, EWB-SL promotes the development of globally aware and internationally responsible engineers, students and other professionals and to ensure that the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable and marginalized in our world have access to their Fundamental RIGHTs as a human. All these are geared towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

EWB-SL inward and outward vision is a world where all people have access to knowledge and human resource with which they can meet their basic human needs and promote sustainable development in such areas as health, water supply and sanitation, food production and processing, housing and construction, energy(solar powered and Biogas), transportation and communication, income generation and employment creation. EWB-SL also anticipates seeing both professional and institutional partners and ability to link a cadre of human capacity into the broad range of development programs.

Our Core Values

In alleviating poverty and bringing aid to the poor, EWB-SL’s strategic framework identifies the following core values though they have not dramatically changed during the last three years. They are:

  • Focus on the poorest of the poor and the marginalised
  • Prioritizing projects or concepts for the impoverished war amputees, war wounded, the disable and handicap, disadvantaged children and youths
  • Promotion of volunteerism as a key factor in community development
  • Human Resource promotion through Capacity Building
  • Develop and implement, when funds available, practical sustainable programmes
  • Gender equality and child protection as an essential component of development
  • A commitment to the now Sustainable Development Goals
  • Our Goal/Objectives

    The specific objectives and purpose of EWB-SL are but not limited to
  • Working towards achieving basic and fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS
  • Establishing a self-sustaining non-governmental, non-profit organization that will bring a growing resource of engineering talent to assist developing communities with
  • The main planned and ongoing activities follow:

    • Water & Sanitation assessment data bank with GPS coordinates
    • Water supply & Sanitation programs
    • WASH infrastructure provision programs
    • Renewable energy methodologies
    • Shelter & housing projects
    • Child Protection
    • Gender mainstreaming
    • Disaster response program plans
    • Partnership plans
    • Students and volunteer placement programs
    • Appropriate and sustainable engineering solutions addressing community needs


    EWB-SL is governed by the Board of Advisors and it is the highest decision making body of the organization. A six-member control team headed by the Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer runs the day today activities.

    Engr. Mohamed Selman Khalil Founder & Director of Programs

    To meet or tally with the advancement of the world’s growing technology; EWB-SL Head of Engineering is a highly experienced Sierra Leonean Engineer who resides in the United States of America.

    Mildred Miame Neufville Khalil Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer