Millennium Develop Goals (MDGs)

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Whilst EWB SL overall mission is improving quality of life of the poorest of the poor through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable and economical engineering projects, EWB Sierra Leone also intends to contribute to meeting the UN Millennium Develop Goals (MDGs) through capacity building in community projects and promoting child rights and gender equity. Capacity building is defined in that context as….the building (or strengthening) of human, institutional and infrastructural capacity to help societies develop secure, stable and sustainable economies, governments and other institutions through mentoring, training, education, physical projects, the infusion of financial and other resources, and most importantly, the motivation and inspiration of people to improve their lives.

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Projects Detailed

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Since 2007 EWB SL has completed construction of six wells, three spring box rehabilitation programs, one gravity rehabilitation program and carried out community based capacity building training programs in basic sustainable engineering courses, advocacy and child protection.

The activities in Sierra Leone range from the construction of sustainable systems that developing communities can own and operate without external assistance, to empowering such communities by enhancing local, technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills. These projects are initiated by, and completed with, contributions from host community working in our project teams. The partnership will also involve local community based and international organizations.

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We operate on the basis that the international community has failed the most vulnerable people or most of the aids given are inadequate. We also acknowledge our own limitations and lack of capacity at times and more importantly those we have to make choices with limited resources that may be at our disposal. The individuals, families and communities targeted by EWB-SL present with a range of diverse and complex needs, needs that are essentially the result of social, economic, cultural and/or political exclusion.

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